Liver Surgery

Liver Procedures and Care

Liver directed therapy may be indicated for malignant, pre-cancerous or symptomatic benign lesions.  In addition to resection, certain smaller tumors may be treated by placing a needle into them and “ablating” them using thermal energy.

Malignant lesions can be primary-arising from the liver itself, or malignant-arising from another organ and spreading to the liver. With the liver’s unique ability to regenerate,  there are a wide variety of liver directed therapy options available.  Techniques such as two stage resection, combining resection with ablation, and arterial or venous embolization prior to surgery, a wide variety of liver directed therapy options are available.  Many of the procedures can also be performed laparoscopically.

At times liver resection or ablation will need to be coordinated with and sequenced with other treatment modalities that patients are receiving, such as chemotherapy or radiation.

To deliver the best possible care, patients are presented at our multidisciplinary tumor board.  Subsequently the plan of action will be carefully coordinated between our team, the medical and radiation oncologists and finally with our interventional radiology colleagues as needed.  This will ensure precise sequencing of treatment plans in order to achieve optimal outcomes.